Residential and Commercial Landscape Company

Residential and Commercial landscape company in Shoreview. 
We offer a select list of landscape services that ensures us our quality is high. LawnsByJordan has been in business for 7 years. We set the example by communicating fast, being reliable, being highly rated, kid and pet friendly, detail-oriented, affordable, local – involved in the community. 






Minimum Charge $200

Removal of leaves and debris to open up your lawn for the growing season.

We charge either hourly or per job. Price varies on the volume of leaves, how many people are needed, how many pieces of equipment are needed, and more.

Aeration & Overseeding
Minimum Charge to Aerate Only: $75
Minimum to Aerate & Overseed w Dirt: $200

Pricing starts at $18 per 1,000 square feet with a minimum charge of $75. Pricing depends on the size of the property, if you want it overseeded (costs extra) and more.
We do this often, do not worry.


Minimum Charge: $125

We do not charge per square foot. Dethatching is a challenging task with a few variables. The price depends on how big the yard is, how much thatch is accumulated, if you want it hauled from your property, and more. Just like aeration, we do this often.



Minimum Delivery & Install Charge: $130/yard

For most mulches, 1 yard spread over existing mulch or over a prepared bed runs $130. Pricing depends on where you are located and access to the job site. Price increases are triggered by beds requiring prep such as old mulch needing to be hauled off, weed barrier fabric needing to be torn up or put down, or if a bed needs to be made.
Note, $130 is an estimate, contact us for an exact price. If you have the measurements of the garden bed(s), we can get you a price quicker.


Minimum Install & Delivery Charge: $150

Our perennial planting designs bring beautiful drifts of color to your landscape.

Prices vary based on the size of plants, labor required, access to the property, if older plants need to be removed first, and more.
Don’t worry, this is a regular job for us and we price accordingly.


Bush / Shrub Trimming:
Brush Removal:

Pricing for both bush/shrub trimming and brush removal is too hard to estimate. There are many variables that affect the price. Please reach out for a price.


Dirt Work| Grading | Excavation | Spreading of Material | Concrete Removal | Debris Removal


Prices vary depending on what type of service you need. Pricing is based on time spent on the property, what type of material is being handled, how far the bobcat needs to travel,  and if the old material needs to be hauled off,  labor, the scale of the project and more.  




If you are considering putting sod down or hydroseeding- hydroseeding is a far less expensive option if the area is greater than 6,000 sq ft. You can also justify the price by splitting the costs between a neighbor that also is in need of hydroseeding, or if the lawn was torn up but do not want to excavate old sod and soil out and only want to fill in bare spots. If you do not meet the 6,000 sq ft minimum that is alright. We’re still willing to be of service. Hydroseed can be sprayed on existing sod and can fill in any and all small bare patches.


Pricing is influenced by the size of the property, access to the are(s) that need to be treated, mix of seed, prior prep work, and labor. 

Minimum Charge $1200 – Covers 6,000sqft


Big or small we have the equipment to complete the task.

Pricing varies based off what equipment is needed, how big the stump(s) are and if you have 1 or multiple stumps that need to be groundout. Price also varies based off if the woodchips can be left or need to be hauled off and if the stump needs to get filled with dirt to ensure the safety of others walking by it.


Renovate your lawn with new sod.

Sod Pricing varies on how many pallets of sod is needed to be installed, if prep of the base is required before installation if the soil needs to be excavated or hauled to the job, how many people are needed, and more.

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