Commercial & Residential Hydroseeding

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  • New construction with final grade completed or not

  • Small lots all the way up to massive 50-acre fields

  • New home developments

  • Steep hills prone to eroding

  • Densley shaded yards

  • Yards with minimal grass growing or bare soil


•Hydroseeding is more cost-effective when trying to establish new grass in an open lot like a new build home or open space with no existing grass vs installing sod roll by roll.

•When hydroseed is mixed, it is mixed on-site prior to spraying to ensure what is applied will stick and will grow based on the amount of shade, steepness of the terrain, and more.

•Hydroseed over the long term requires less maintenance in certain instances. Depending on where you get sod and if you know what type of sod to pick out… sod is primarily sun-grown. Meaning if you place a sun-grown sod in a shaded area it will over time die off more easily, depending on the amount of shade, if it is treated with seed and or fertilizer.

•Hydroseed works excellently on steep hillsides, or banks or areas prone to eroding.

•The overall time of hydroseeding installation and prep is a lot faster then sod and not as messy. 

•Even tho hydroseeding is used primarily to grow grass in an open non-existing grass area, hydroseed can be sprayed over existing grass to fill in bare spots where the grass is dying off or has died off and now it is bare soil.


$1200 Minimum – Covers 6,000sqft

For properties, 8-12,000 square feet pricing is $0.16/ square foot.
For properties, 12-20,000 square feet pricing is $0.14/ square foot.
For properties, 20-40,000 square feet pricing is $0.13/ square foot.
For properties, 40,000 square feet and over pricing is $0.12/ square foot

If you need us to prep the soil costs vary depending on how much soil is needed, access to the yard, if the yard needs to be Harley raked, and more. Prep is sometimes costly but it ensures the hydroseed doesn’t wash away, it grows and lasts for decades to come. Pricing starts at $500.

We warranty any job site meaning – if you correctly water and follow the steps you are given to grow a healthy lawn and the hydroseed washes away or just doesn’t grow we will come out and spray the areas.


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