Have you heard of Dethatching or Aeration? Possibly. If you do not know what either is or don’t know the significance this article will outline it for you. First off you need to know what  Detaching and Aerating are, how they work, and how they benefit your lawn in the short term and the long term.

Dethatching – a device that removes thatch from lawns.

Thatch- a tightly bound layer of dead grass, including leaves, stems, and roots, that builds upon the soil surface at the base of the living grass of a lawn.

Aeration is the process by which air is circulated through, mixed or dissolved in a liquid or substance.

Now that you know the meaning of Detaching and what is needed to treat your lawn correctly, let’s go more in-depth about it. When you are Detaching you want to have this performed very early in the fall time. If you have Dethatching performed too early when it is still hot, it could stress your lawn. Cool-season grasses should be done early Aug – September and Warm-season grasses should be done in the middle of summer. Also Detaching in the fall will result in fewer weed problems. Some ways to prevent thatch growth is when the lawn is being cut make sure the grass is very fine so clumps don’t build up and if they do, you might need to bag the clippings or double cut.  Also, you want to make sure the grass is watered very well so the crown doesn’t dry out.

The key to dethatching and aeration is to do both at the same time.

Let’s go more in-depth about Aeration. When you are Aerating you want to have this performed either very early in the fall time or very early in the spring.

Short and Simple:

To put it simply id suggests performing both of these in the cool NOT depending on your grass type, it is simply easier on your lawn and you will get better results. Both Dethatching and Aeration help the grass to get needed nutrients for it to grow properly, look better, and much more!



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