Taking care of your lawn is tough as well as a chore. Creating and then maintaining a good lawn and landscape is tough, especially during the hot months of the summer. Maintenance once or multiple times a week requires a lot of man-hours. If you are tired of maintaining your lawn or landscape than it could be time to hire a maintenance company for your property – whether it is a residential, commercial, rental, or industrial property.
  • Decide what type of value you gain from the services you use. Most companies offer lawn care, soft-scape, hard-scape, fertilizing, weed control, bed maintenance, leaf clean-up and a lot more depending on where you live.
  • Ask Lawn Care Companies about prices and also request an estimate. Beware of ‘guaranteed’ prices without them viewing your lawn in person. For some companies this is routine – they have special software and tools to build an estimate over the phone.
  • Talk to neighbors (word of mouth) on who they use for a lawn care service. This is a good way to determine if you’ve been looking at good lawn care companies or if you should go with a different choice.
  • Check to see if you SAVE money by paying upfront. It is also more convenient to pay for the season upfront vs paying per time or monthly.
  • Ask how much more it will cost for Weekly Mowing .vs. Bi-Weekly Mowing.
  • Find out what is guaranteed and how they will try to keep you happy as a Lawn Care Client!
When looking for lawn care or landscaping services- you need to do your research. Luckily you have search engines and social media to help you. Search on Google, Facebook, Google Business, Yelp, Thumbtack, and more. It is important to see how the company, you, are choosing treats its customers/clients and what type of value they provide. Ensure you will be satisfied by doing your research and asking the hard questions others may not!

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